Disney Costumes to Make All Your Dreams Come True

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While browsing through the Wonderful World of Etsy one afternoon, I stumbled across a shop that blew me away. I’d like to introduce you to

BBeauty Designs


disney costumes

I was absolutely stunned by the beautiful Disney costumes and accessories in this shop.  We all know how much I love Disney, and the insane beauty of these costumes just brings your favorite characters to attainability.

I was really excited with the owner of BBeauty Designs responed to my request for a feature with  great big YES!

Disney Costumes

Meet Heather.


Heather Rosales started Bbeauty Designs in 2006 with the aim of making fashion and costumes more than something you pick out of a catalog, but giving consumers a chance to pick what they wanted to buy simply by asking for it. 


From her bio on her website, she explains:


“It really all stems for a fantastic love of the movies. The cinematic edge and glamour of the silver screen and all it’s epic beauty and splendor. Bbeauty Designs was born from that love, encompassing beautiful quality designs accessible to anyone sharing the same passion. The commitment to quality provides every person with the chance to own something beautiful, something cherished that you cannot find in today’s stores, a little piece of the movies. Catering mostly to collectors, movie fans, entertainers, and professional performers Bbeauty Designs offers the very highest quality costumes, accessories, collector pieces, and original designs for everyone. The attention to detail brings to life the favorite classics and wonder for all individuals or companies who want to separate themselves from the rest and are tired of the cheapy Halloween costumes available on the market. The chance to BE the character you love.”

Honestly, who hasn’t pretended to be their favorite character once in their life? My personal favorite Disney film of all time is Sleeping Beauty, and I can definitely remember pretending to be Briar Rose, singing and skipping along with my woodland friends. I think I was even the Fairies a time or two, using magic to create a beautiful gown or bake a cake.

Well, with Heather and her team’s stunning creations, anyone can relive those feelings again as an adult. Take a look at a few of their talents below with these incredible Disney costumes.

Disney costumes

The one that started it all for Disney is offered as a rich, beautiful design to await Prince Charming’s kiss.


Disney Costumes

As soon as I saw Belle’s ball gown, I bet you wished you could EVER have an occasion to wear something so beautiful – and now you can!


Disney costumes

I absolutely love Tangled, and BBeauty gives lovely Rapunzel a ball gown to suit her color palette.


I was so intrigued by a shop that, for all intents and purposes, gives us Disney-philes the key to really living out our dreams, I asked Heather if she’d mind a short interview so we could learn more about how she came to start fulfilling these childhood fantasies for others.

 Me: First of all, thank you for letting me “interview” you! Your shop is so full of beautiful, intricate creations. I have absolutely no talent with a needle…where/how did you learn to create such stunning pieces?

Heather:  Thank you, I am so pleased you enjoy our work. Fairytales and movies are a passion of mine. I suppose a bit of pixie dust and imagination has been well and alive in me for life. I enjoy pretty much all the creative pastimes and hobbies like drawing, storytelling, dressing up, sewing, playing games, and using my imagination. For a while I didn’t know quite what to do with it so I dabbled in everything during college. Now I use all those skills combined to create the pieces in our store. I started out by myself doing business out of my living room. Now I have a team with me and a separate studio, and we create even more elaborate pieces than when I started 7 years ago. I would love to say that I went to school to learn all the things I do today, but I am a very much self taught individual. I learn as I go, and am always passionate to learn more, experiment more, and do more. I am constantly driven by the words “What if…”

M: Totally understand – that “what if” is like the disease of the crafty soul, ha ha!  Growing up, were movies a big part of your life? I know I can remember cozy-ing up with my mom to watch old classics, cartoon and otherwise. What’s your earliest movie memory?

H:  Well, movies and dollies were about all the access to entertainment. I enjoyed Bedknobs and Broomsticks as probably my earliest.

M:  I loved Bedknobs and Broomsticks as a kid! I wanted to dance on the bottom of the sea. :)  What dream costume or outfit would you have made for yourself back in your pre-Bbeauty days?

H:  I am always dreaming in costumes, as we have tackled most Disney characters by now our goal is to bring some original fantasy characters and princesses to life in 2014.

M: Was there any one Disney character that was first on the drawing list? Someone you couldn’t wait to create a costume for?

H:  Sleeping Beauty was my first costume and favorite character. But currently I am eager to work on Meg from Hercules. I love her spunky and sassy personality.

M:  Sleeping Beauty is my favorite too!! Merryweather is my favorite character from that one. As for Meg, I remember being thrilled there was a new character with my name! :) She is a lot of fun. Out of your costumes, which character is most like YOU? What personality traits make them so?

H: Most like me, hmmm. Well Sleeping Beauty has been my favorite for years because she had golden blonde hair like me (well when I was younger), but I think I have Meg’s personality.

M:  Any new, exciting designs or plans on the horizon?

H:  Yes, our goal for 2014 is to inspire with original creations in fantasy and princessing as well as bring more characters to life. Every year we grow and are able to do new things and new designs. We hope to continue to bring exciting products to the world sparking imagination and creativity.

I loved getting the opportunity to “peek behind the curtain” and chat with Heather. I think designers such as she do a wonderful service, bringing childhood dreams and fantasies into reach with their imagination and creativity. I hope you will head over and check Heather out at one or more of her sites and social media.

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BBeauty Designs on Etsy

Were you hoping for a few more pictures of Heather’s amazing work?  Well, I certainly don’t want to disappoint! Take a look. :)


Disney Costumes


Don’t worry, she hasn’t forgotten the guys!

Disney Costumes

The dashing Flynn Rider!

Disney Costumes

The handsome Prince Charming!


Find all of these and many more when you visit BBeauty Designs.

What character would you want to be?


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  1. I just got back from a week in Disney and saw many of these – plus a lot more :)

  2. What beautiful, beautiful costumes and I like the fact that she hasn’t forgotten the men. Usually when a couple go to a party, they go as the same theme.

  3. WOW those costumes are beautiful they really do look like they could be the real thing the princess (and of course princes) wore. x

  4. Wow !!! Those costumes are totally realistic and are so amazing! My kids LOVE Disney and my daughter has several dresses herself that she love to wear all the time.

  5. How fun. What women (or guy) wouldn’t like to dress up at their favorite Disney princess or prince? These costumes are so amazingly detailed,

  6. WOW! What stunning costumes. Such detail and such beautiful looking fabric. Great interview and so nice to get to “know” the owner of the company.

  7. WOW! I am in awe!! I want the Tangled Costume and my husband to have the Flynn Rider costume!!

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  12. The costumes are absolutely stunning. Who doesn’t want to walk around in a princess dress all day long!! They are so detailed and the pictures are amazing, kudos to the photographer. The fact that it is for men and women is just great business!

  13. Those are really beautiful. I’ve never thought about being a Disney Princess but after seeing these I might just have to rethink that. Really lovely costumes.

  14. These costumes are gorgeous. I mean, after all, what man or woman didn’t dream of being a prince or princess when they were a kid. These fabrics are vibrant and the colors are amazing.

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