Handprint Bouquet and Pretty Gifts from #Soufeel

Handprint bouquet

I am not always the greatest of daughters. My mother is a part time nanny for us and immensely helpful to us on a daily basis with our two boys. She is forever helping around the house, with the boys, the lawn, whatever. I think sometimes she's catching up for the years we lived in Vegas. However, ... read this

Girls Night Wine Glass Craft


A long time ago, in one of my first ever blog posts, I showed how I had hand-painted a wine glass as a 30th birthday present for my best friend. She was being surprised with a trip to Las Vegas (where we lived at the time) to visit us and celebrate the milestone event. I'd never painted a wine glass ... read this

Movie Monday: 7 Motivational Movie Quotes

Motivational Movie Quotes

Sometimes, Mondays are the hardest days, and other times I'm actually eager for them. Something about Mondays makes me feel like I get a "do over", a chance to be better than I was the week before. Better at my health, my organization, my mothering, whatever. I like the "fresh start" ... read this

Gallery Wall Art Ideas: Turn Clearance into Custom

Gallery Wall Art Ideas

  I am one of those people. You know, the kind that browses the clearance section of any store, wondering what frugal finds I will discover that I can put to alternative use. I'd say I'm running a 60% average on what decor in my home is actually still in its original design. However, ... read this

Pretty Printables: Mother’s Day Free Printable

Pretty Printables

I'm going to get this post out by the skin of my teeth! My original plan in my original post was to host Pretty Printables every week. Man, do I know how to aim high!  Sorry, my loves, but it just ain't gonna happen. A full-time job, motherhood, and Birthday Blocks, there's just no way I can pull ... read this

Create a Playroom in an Unfinished Basement

Unfinished basement ideas

Obviously, the ultimate goal of a new home is to have it all in pretty/sparkly/brand-spankin'-new condition, with as many bells and whistles as your little heart desires (or wallet can afford). We have the same dream for our home. We've already batted around about a dozen different unfinished ... read this

How to Make DIY Picture Ledges

DIY Picture Ledges

So, I'm not sure if you are new here, or a longtime reader...but I don't build things. I'm crafty, yes, but not when it comes to using drills or screws or wood, outside of a basic paint job upcycle. It is a skill I've been meaning to learn, but up until now, nope. So even though this was a simple ... read this

DIY Bienvenue Welcome Tray { Guest Room Decor }

Guest Room Decor

Here's a fun Crafty Quickie to end the weekend: my DIY French "Bienvenue" Welcome Tray that I made up for some pretty guest room decor. This is so incredibly simple, and cheap! We've had this wooden tray hanging around for as long as I can remember, so I don't recall what it cost, but I doubt it ... read this

How I Turned Crafting into an Online Business

How I Turned Crafting into an Online Business

This is a really special post for me, something I've considered writing a half dozen times. Why didn't I write about this sooner? I think because I felt unworthy. Writing a post about starting a business implies that you've succeeded well enough to feel capable of counseling and guiding others. For ... read this

Pretty Printables #2 : Cleaning Printable Schedule

Pretty Printables

Welcome to Week #2 of my new Pretty Printables Series!! This week, I'm focused {once again} on getting organized and getting my house all cleaned up for the gorgeous spring weather. It only made sense to do a cleaning printable! I actually made this in boring black and white at a request for a ... read this

Chalk Paint Cabinet Makeover, Part One

Chalk Paint Cabinet Makeover

Happy Sunday everybody!! If you missed my post about my side table makeover with chalk paint, feel free to click over and catch up. It was the inspiration for this post, and likely many more posts to come. Have I mentioned I've become addicted to furniture makeovers??? First there was the armoire. ... read this