Chalk Paint Side Table Makeover

Chalk Paint Side Table

Sometimes I feel like I'm the last person in the world to hear about things. In this case, I'm talking about chalk paint. Have you heard about chalk paint? Caught any of the ninety gajillion posts on Pinterest that show you how to update your furniture/cabinets/life with chalk paint? Or even how to ... read this

Mudroom Makeover

Mud Room Makeover

Another room in the new house is done! (For now.) All hail my pretty new mudroom! Once I got our Powder Room spiffied up, I turned my attention to starting a mudroom makeover.  We pretty much always use the garage entrance to the house, so walking in to the blah, boring, often messy room was ... read this

Hometalk Board: 23 Kids’ Room Decor Ideas

23 Kids' Room Decor Ideas

I recently discovered the wonderful world of Hometalk; if you are a fan of Pinterest, then Hometalk should be your newest addiction. So many wonderful projects and tutorials, many with direct ask-and-answer commentary from the project designers. You not only get to browse the great projects posted, ... read this

Valentine’s Crafts Roundup

14 Valentine's Crafts

Valentine's Day just seems to be one of those holidays I never remember in time to craft for. It's like I have a mental block against it or something! The sad thing is I have so many ideas I've cultivated on Pinterest that I'd love to try! Here are 14 Valentine's Day Crafts I will hopefully find ... read this

Winnie the Pooh Chalkboard Art

Winnie the Pooh Chalkboard Art

Happy Friday everyone!! I would have done this post as a Crafty Quickie - but it wasn't all that quick. Slightly painstaking, actually. But fun regardless!! **This post contains affiliate links** For her younger son's first birthday, my cousin requested my help with her party theme. She was ... read this

Crafty Quickie: Awesome Family Sign DIY

Awesome Family Sign DIY

It's Friday, and Friday means fun! So on a Friday, I'm sharing a quick craft that actually I happen to LOVE in my home. I'm also sharing how it turned out in a way I did not care for, and how I fixed it. Cuz life is about mistakes. That's why we're awesome. And therefore, we need to have an ... read this

Backstage Pass: #ShareYourSmile with ISeeMe!

Backstage Pass

Here's a little sneak peek behind the blog, because I'm so proud I had to share! We are avid readers in the Crafty household, and so far J is growing up with the same love of books that Mom and Dad have. If you have a little reader in your family, I suggest you check out ISeeMe! and their amazing ... read this