How I Turned Crafting into an Online Business

How I Turned Crafting into an Online Business

This is a really special post for me, something I've considered writing a half dozen times. Why didn't I write about this sooner? I think because I felt unworthy. Writing a post about starting a business implies that you've succeeded well enough to feel capable of counseling and guiding others. For ... read this

Pretty Printables #2 : Cleaning Printable Schedule

Pretty Printables

Welcome to Week #2 of my new Pretty Printables Series!! This week, I'm focused {once again} on getting organized and getting my house all cleaned up for the gorgeous spring weather. It only made sense to do a cleaning printable! I actually made this in boring black and white at a request for a ... read this

Chalk Paint Cabinet Makeover, Part One

Chalk Paint Cabinet Makeover

Happy Sunday everybody!! If you missed my post about my side table makeover with chalk paint, feel free to click over and catch up. It was the inspiration for this post, and likely many more posts to come. Have I mentioned I've become addicted to furniture makeovers??? First there was the armoire. ... read this

Pretty Printables #1: Easter Printables

Pretty Printables

Welcome to a brand new series here on the blog. I've had so much wonderful feedback on the free printables I've created that I figured - why not make it a weekly deal?? Does that sound good to you?  To this date, there have been over six thousand downloads of my free printable projects. ... read this

St. Patrick’s Day Craft

St. Patrick's Day Craft : DIY Wood Sign

Sláinte!! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!! On this fabulous holiday, I thought I'd share with you a bit of Irish decor and a quick how to! I actually made these last year, and one of them was a gift for my Irish besty. I very appropriately kept the "Irish I Were Drinking" for myself. ;) You can ... read this

Crafty Quickie: DIY Thor’s Hammer

DIY Thor's Hammer

It has been quite some time since I've done a Crafty Quickie, and after posting my Avengers Birthday Party, I knew my DIY Thor's Hammer would be a perfect return!  I should have made this for J's party, but I ended up making it for our Halloween costumes instead. I realize Halloween is a long way ... read this

Avengers Birthday Party

Avengers Birthday Party

After the success of J's Nemo Birthday Party for his third birthday, I knew I had to come up with something just as fun for his fourth birthday.  This time, I decided to ask J what he wanted his birthday to be like. The answer? "Avengers Birthday Party!!!"   Yeah, I probably should ... read this

Chalk Paint Side Table Makeover

Chalk Paint Side Table

Sometimes I feel like I'm the last person in the world to hear about things. In this case, I'm talking about chalk paint. Have you heard about chalk paint? Caught any of the ninety gajillion posts on Pinterest that show you how to update your furniture/cabinets/life with chalk paint? Or even how to ... read this