Crafty Quickie: Cork board Picture Frame

Corkboard Picture Frame

Being crafty comes in handy when birthdays roll around. For my cousin’s birthday back in January, I asked her if there was anything she could use that could potentially be “crafted”.  She told me she’d love a picture frame to show off her two boys in her office. A picture frame sounded MUCH too simple; I knew I wanted to make something more of it.

Corkboard Picture Frame


4-pack of 12 x 12 cork board tiles

12 x 12 picture frame (40% off at Hobby Lobby)


(I used tacky glue, but the included adhesive squares with the cork board could work easily as well)


craft gems

Skor tape

Acrylic paint

I went rummaging in my stash of fabric for this project. I am NOT adept at sewing or anything like it, so my fabric stash is really a culmination of clearance pieces I snag, old clothes, and other odds and ends.  I found a great clearance roll of fabric in my collection, something I thought was a good fit  for my cousin’s taste.  Once the fabric was chosen, I selected craft gem colors to coordinate.

Step One

Corkboard Picture Frame

Trim your cork board to fit the glass front of the picture frame, if necessary. While my cork and my photo frame were both labeled 12 x 12, the glass portion was not  quite as large. Cut the fabric to be slightly larger than your cork board tile, and iron it smooth. Lay your cork board down over the back side of the fabric so that there are ends overlapping on all sides.

Step Two

Cork board Picture Frame

Line the edges of the cork tile with Skor-tape, or some form of adhesive. Working one side at a time, fold the fabric tightly over and secure.

Step Three

Cork board Picture Frame

Fun part – decorate your fabric square! I used craft gems to showcase the first and last initials of my cousin’s two little boys, but you could really do anything you want. I had briefly considered paint and stencils, but changed my mind. Use your imagination!

Cork board Picture Frame

Step Four

Cork board Picture FrameTotally optional, but you can definitely give that boring black frame a coat of paint. I went with a metallic, and only applied enough coats to give somewhat of a distressed look to the frame. You could also stencil the frame, add ribbon, or other fun embellishments. There are dozens of possibilities.

Once your frame is dry and you are satisfied with your cork board, use your tacky glue or adhesive squares to secure your cork tile to the glass front of your picture frame. Take some cute pins and tack up your favorite photos – enjoy!!!

Cork board Picture Frame

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  1. says

    You did a super job on that. I have some material that I was going to get rid of, but now you gave me this idea, I want to try it.

  2. says

    Great idea! I love using items that I’d otherwise discard to make something new. Looks like a fun project for the family to do together as well.

  3. says

    I like the color for the frame that you used. And I love the whole idea, what a great way to display favorite photos! You have a lucky cousin. :)

  4. says

    Oh that cork picture frame craft is super cute! Plus it doesn’t look like typical cork; which I love. But you can still change things out like a cork board. So cute.

  5. says

    Wow! You did a fantastic job! Thanks for including step by step instructions so we can see how to make one too. I’m following you from TeamMom.

  6. Eliz Frank says

    Beautiful work. I love your decorative touch and use of color… What I love about cork is that it is versatile and easy to use.

  7. says

    Your cork board is super cute! This looks like a quick and fun weekend project that I could probably get my teen to work on to spruce up her room a bit.

  8. says

    OMG I just Love this! I have been looking for the perfect cork board for my new office and this is just the perfect fit. I wanted to flow with my theme and nothing it fitting the bill, now I know what to do, perfect post for me this week! Thank you!!

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