Organizing Craft Storage with Kidecals! #labelitdontloseit

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Organizing Craft Storage with Kidecals


When I was first approached by Kidecals with an offer to do a review of their products, I was totally psyched. I had a perfect project for these pretty stickers – organizing craft storage!  Only five minutes into browsing their pretty website, I was already at a loss for what to sample! After MUCH deliberation, I decided on the following:



Organizing Craft Storage


My first go to was a set of custom organizing labels – I knew they would be PERFECT for putting a little much-needed organization into my craft corner.

Organizing Craft Storage

You fill in each line with your custom label, and the image updates on the left in real time, so you can see exactly how your label will appear.

I also picked up some cute chalkboard labels (you can ALWAYS use those!), and with my remaining credit, I scored this hilarious sign for my BFF:

Organizing Craft Storage

I loved how my order arrived in this cute custom envelope – and with a thank you sticker denoting my membership in Team Awesome!!!  (I am pretty awesome.)

Organizing Craft Storage

I could not suppress my excitement – I LOVE to clean and organize, and my craft storage was in dire need.  I had planned my organizing labels with my many drawers in mind, so all I had to do was apply them!

Check it out!



Organizing Craft Storage



Organizing Craft Storage



Organizing Craft Storage


The chalkboard labels were a perfect match for the toy baskets in J’s room. I used my fancy new chalk paint marker to write out the labels before slapping them on bins.


Organizing Craft Storage


You really need to pop over to Kidecals and check out the supply – they really have something for everyone!!  Organizing labels, chalkboard labels, funny labels, you name it. They have their custom “Keycals”, which are custom stickers for your keyboard in all sorts of patterns. I’d have grabbed one, but so far they only are made for Macs. :/

Organizing Craft STorage

They also have a whole section called “Scary Mommy” – that’s where I scored the doorbell sign above – that is worth checking out for you Fierce Mamas. :D

Organizing Craft Storage

And, courtesy of Kidecals, all you C’mon Get Crafty readers are getting a coupon code for 15% off!!

Use coupon code kidecals15 for your great savings, and check out Kidecals on their social media!

Cars Land pbutton fbutton

I was so happy with my labels, I went back and ordered more to continue organizing craft storage – and I have a LOT to organize!

Head over to Kidecals and take a look around – you are sure to find something to suit your needs and personal style!

Organizing Craft Storage Organizing Craft Storage

 What would you label?




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  1. I really love these decals for labeling around the house. Not only are they attractive but they also help to keep you organized.

  2. Those are super cute and I could probably find a million other uses for them besides just organizing my crafts!

  3. I need to get more organized. These labels would help so much! I love the text and design on them! I also think it would be fun to have a printed keyboard

  4. I love those, I just organized my office and could use the labels so I know from a glance where everything goes.

  5. That sign for your bff was hilarious. I could have used one of those when my kids were young. Disturb us and pay. :) They do have some very nice labels.

  6. These are amazing, I especially love the sleeping baby one because I have been there so often its not funny. I will be checking them out

  7. I love the organized cabinet you have here. So cute labels!

  8. I will check this site out, I love how neat it is plus the designs are so cute!

  9. What an innovative idea, style and organization. I will have to check out the Kidecals website. This looks like a product I could definitely use.

  10. That’s awesome! All the stuff you can do with this. My boys really need something like this. They are so unorganized.

  11. Organized and pretty too. I like it! We have some kidecal Christmas labels that I love!

  12. These are SOOO cool.. totally love them and need to check out what I can organize in my house; the keypad decals are super cool… LOVE it..thanks for sharing

  13. I so need to do this. I am so bad at being organized!

  14. Love the way you did your craft section! So cute! So many ideas pop into my head. I would go kidecals crazy!

  15. Oh, sheesh to be able to organize things even a quarter as well as this would be wonderful. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  16. These look awesome. I definitely have getting more organized on my list of things to do during my holiday break.

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