How to Make a Bag Toss Set

How to Make a Bag Toss Set

DIY Bag Toss


I found my instructions for building the boards on Cornhole How To, and they do a great job of making it easy to understand. I don’t believe I can improve upon their awesome tutorial, so I’m mostly offering you a visual of how OUR bag toss boards came together, including our custom Chicago Bears design.

Build Your Boards

I had all of our wood cut at Home Depot before we picked it up, saving lots of time and measuring. (Our lack of any kind of table saw also contributed to that decision.)  Once the wood was home, my husband graciously got to work assembling the boards per the instructions.

1/2″ thick sheet of plywood – one 4’x4′ or two 2’x4’s
8′ long 2×4′s (4)
4 1/2″ long 3/8″ diameter carriage bolts (4)
3/8″ flat washers (4)
3/8″ wing nuts (4)
2 1/2″ wood screws (1 box)


DIY Bag Toss

Cut a Hole in the Box


Ok, I kinda couldn’t help myself with that title.

(Giggle, snort.)

My friend’s hubby is one of those guys with table saws and things in his garage, and he was kind enough to work up this “jig” for us to use to easily cut a hole in the box. (Last one, I promise!)



DIY Bag Toss

Now have fun & paint them!

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Once the boards were built by my only-occasionally-grumbling spouse, my friend Alli came back over for a late night makeover a few days before our Chicago Style Party.  Note: spray paint dust makes a heck of a mess!

My husband’s only request was that our boards have a Chicago Bears theme, which I was happy to accommodate. My idea was to recreate a football field with a Bears logo, so Alli and I got busy taping off the boards for painting.


DIY Bag Toss

DIY Bag Toss


With a tape measure and a sponge, we hand-painted the yard line indications along the sides of the boards.


DIY Bag Toss

DIY Bag Toss


I used my Cricut to design a Chicago Bears ‘C’ and cut out a stencil to tape down before I sponged orange paint over the top.


DIY Bag Toss


When all was said and done, the naked wood underneath the painters tape was left as is – I actually rather like the look, and – more to the point – we ran out of time to properly paint it white.


DIY Bag Toss

Have to teach ’em young!!

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