Crafty Quickie: Re-vamped Photo Frame


Sometimes in our busy lives, there’s only time to spray a dash of paint and call it a day.


Welcome to Crafty Quickies! Often I have simple little things I’ve crafted/upcycled/rehabbed/created that just don’t seem worthy of their own blog post. Well, why not? Why be short-ist? (Quick-ist? Brief-ist? I have no talent for fake names alleging slight.)

So here, without further ado, is my first Crafty Quickie!

Re-vamped Photo Frame

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As you may know if you’re a frequent reader, we recently relocated from Las Vegas. Before we left, I was determined to leave my son’s two little buddies a parting gift. Splitting up the “Three Musketeers” was one of the hardest things about leaving. :(

Enter in some clearance  picture frames found at Hobby Lobby. I believe they were marked down to $3 each.

Re-Vamped Clearance Picture Frames

Mismatched, but who cares? I was going to paint them anyway.

Some Krylon acrylic spray paint and vinyl letters cut on my Cricut, and BOOM!

Re-Vamped Clearance Picture Frames

Here’s a close-up of the photo – these three are too cute!

Re-Vamped Clearance Picture Frames

And that’s your Crafty Quickie!

Have you ever had to move away from your friends?


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  1. says

    Ahh…that is the hardest part about moving. What cuties! I love your picture frame idea. So cute and simple. I need to get myself a Cricut ASAP!

    • says

      Thanks for “popping”!! I immediately popped over to yours as well, and I think I’ve found my new time-killing site – I could stay there for hours!! Great blog!

  2. says

    I’ve never moved. I live one block from the house I grew up in. I could imagine that would be difficult on little ones :( The frames are adorable! I really need to get a Cricut or Silhouette…my husband disagrees 😉

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