Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

Happy New Year!

Okay, yes, I realize we are well into the new year – halfway through January already! I also realize it is not Monday, it is Tuesday. I decided to cheat a little bit – I’ve wanted to get this post up for a while, but things have been a little crazy around here lately and it was just taking too long. I can’t believe this is my first real post of 2014! I hope you’ll forgive my absence, because I have lots of good things in the works – plenty of crafts and tutorials and, of course, more Movie Mondays!

I’m sure most of us have been drinking our fill of all the inspiring New Year-esque posts  out there on the interwebs – new workouts, motivations, recipes, organizing plans, and whatnot. It may seem cliché, but I think we all secretly enjoy the fresh start of the new year, even if you’re not a resolution person. Since working out is always a big deal this time of year, I thought I’d share some of MY inspirations for keeping in shape – which of course are movies! Here’s my short list of movies to inspire your workout this year!

Movie Monday: Movies to inspire your workout

By now, you know well that I am a sucker for movies, and almost always have one playing in the background while I craft.  A few of them do double duty for me, in that they inspire me to get up off my duff and get MOVING – mostly because the characters/actresses in them show me how I’d really like to look and feel myself.  Some of them also have pretty awesome soundtracks that make it into my gym playlist.

Charlie’s Angels

Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

The films in this list are here because A) they have some rockin’ fit bodies to inspire you and B) they are FUN!  I’m sure there are dozens and dozens I’ve missed, but it is because I either haven’t seen them or they’re just not my style. Charlie’s Angels is one of my favorite feel-good-fun-films. I love the updated take on the classic show, the humor, and the look. Campy? Of course, but that’s half the fun. The ladies are fit and fashionable. Besides, Cameron Diaz made me want to run out and buy adult-sized superhero Underoos.

Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

Sequels aren’t always spectacular, but I love this one – the girls are still in top form, and the addition of an extremely fit Demi Moore gives us hope for our over-40 bodies. The soundtrack to the sequel ROCKS, and the whole thing is on my gym playlist – it always gets me moving. The scene where the Angels are moving Natalie into her new house and suddenly stop for a Hammer-time dance break is so cute, and yes – Hammer-time made the playlist. Think YOU could keep yourself from breaking out to Hammer-time? I couldn’t.

Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

Kiss Me Kate

Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

Wow, curveball – from Drew Barrymore to Ann Miller? Time leap!

Some of the movies that inspire me the most are old movies. Why? Well, for one, my favorite old movies are musicals, and man, do I wish I could dance like these women! They were immensely talented, and clearly worked hard at their craft. Ann Miller was an amazing dancer – she and Cyd Charisse are two old stars that always get me on my feet.

Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

Ann Miller in Easter Parade

Singin’ in the Rain

Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

Well, I said Cyd Charisse. She doesn’t say a word in this movie, but she’s got a great beautiful scene with Gene Kelly that ought to give you plenty of dance inspiration. The rest of the movie works well too – who wouldn’t want to wear those great 1920’s period costumes!? Fashion alone can inspire you to get in shape – as you’ll see in my next pick.


Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

AAAAHHHHH, I LOVE this show!!!!  Yes, I’m one of those people who owns the whole series, and yes, I watch it – often. I just love it. Then I noticed an increase in my gym attendance whenever I was working my way through the series again in my crafty time.  We all know Jennifer Aniston is really fit, and neither Courtney Cox nor Lisa Kudrow is in bad shape either, but I attribute my desire to work out when I watch FRIENDS to be based more on a desire to WEAR THEIR CLOTHES. Seriously, the outfits in this show were amazing. (Well, more so after the extreme 90’s of seasons 1 &  2, but you know what I mean.)  I want Monica and Rachel’s wardrobe, and I want to look as good as they do in it. What does that mean? It means I need to work off this belly pooch!

(I’m also aware that FRIENDS isn’t a movie, but you CAN watch it on DVD – so there.)

Movie Monday: Movies to Inpire Your Workout

Movie Monday: Movies to inspire your workout

 Sex and the City

Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

Fashion as inspiration once again! Really, besides being funny, this show gives us the drive and motivation to live the dream: to drink cocktails and wear couture.   They hint at working out in the show with the occasional yoga class scene, and somewhere down deep I really want to believe that I can just go to a few yoga or Pilates classes and be able to fit into designer fashions.  Why not dream a little?


Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

Back to dance  – and really, dance is one of the greatest ways to achieve that slender yet fit look so many women covet. I don’t think too many of us desire to be ultrathin or scary skinny, do we? I want to look healthy and feminine. Dancers pull that off nicely. I love that the actors in this film did their own dancing – adds so much more to the film when you’re not stuck with faceless stunt doubles – and what a fun way to keep in shape! The songs from this show (the original Broadway soundtrack is amazing as well) will have you toe-tapping in no time!

Kate Hudson

Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

Kate is one of those celebs that I can watch in pretty much anything when I need a “Get Fit” fix. She’s got a killer body – when I first saw her in Glee, looking like she does in the above picture, I’m pretty sure I subconsciously set down whatever snack I had in hand. THOSE ABS. Now that is the very picture of fit and feminine I mentioned earlier!

Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

Jennifer Aniston

Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

I’m pretty sure any woman who says she doesn’t want to look like Jennifer Aniston is lying. Jennifer may be one of the tiniest women I’ve ever seen (yes, I saw her in person once, and she gives new meaning to the word petite) but she’s also in incredible shape. She looks like you could bounce quarters of practically any part of her.  I enjoy most of her films, so it’s nice to be able to have some laughs and also be subconsciously inundated with images of the body I could have…if I stopped watching the movies and got to the gym, of course.

Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout

So there you have it  – my favorite flicks and inspirations for working towards that healthy figure we all crave.  I know it sounds counter-productive to sit and watch movies for fitness inspiration, but all I can share is what works for me. Besides – watching movies can be a fun way TO WORK OUT! Yes! Pop in your favorite movie and enjoy it while squatting, lunging, planking, etc! I am in no way whatsoever a fitness expert, but I love sneaking workouts in to my already busy day this way. May not seem like much, but a little is better than nothing!

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    • says

      Well, can’t argue with that! Obviously those of use not living in La La Land have a lot of obstacles regarding time and money – so I figure I’ll have my Jen Aniston body by the time I’m her age, if I start now! :)

  1. says

    The old movies were great but honestly they never had me want to get up and dance-I was too busy trying to figure out why they weren’t falling flat on their bums in those spike heels! I am glad that movies with dance gives you the inspiration to work out a bit.

  2. says

    I am happy with the way I look and I do not look like any of them. I run daily and do strength training but it is because I enjoy it. They are beautiful, but my favorite post of all time was of a runner who was being featured in a magazine advertisement and it showed how absolutely beautiful and perfect she was in the photo, she shared the perfect photo and then a real non-altered photo of herself and she was more beautiful naturally – bad posture, small belly (no 6 pack like the altered photo). I loved her for doing that to show that they are just like us so love yourself regardless!

    I do think however if this gets you moving, then that is awesome because moving is good for your health!

  3. says

    I love Friends, they were such a huge influence and I still dream about a Chandler or Ross of my own.
    Charlie’s Angels are definitely workout motivation and so is Katu Hudson’s body. Wish I could have a stomach like that.

  4. says

    Great choices to be honest i am happy the way i am and would not be wanting to have the body like these i like my own and i want my kiddies to grow up to be happy with themselves as long as they are fit and healthy thats all that matters.

  5. Teresa McCluskey says

    If I wanted the perfect body it would be like Jillian Micheal’s! I am working on losing some weight but I have a VERRYYY long time before I am remotely close to her.

  6. says

    I confess, I CONFESS!!!! I am totally with you on the Jennifer Anniston train! And Sex and the City…. Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits drive me crazy! You made me want to go work out with this post. Thank you!

  7. says

    It’s great that you have something that inspires you! I just strive to get and stay healthy. It’s important. You only get one body and after breaking my hip in two places last year ( I was healthy as a horse by the way!) I have become 100% more focused on keeping my body in tip top shape.

  8. says

    Great selection of movies to get us moving!! I have seen a couple of the ones you mention in that list. I could watch friends over and over and over and still laugh at the same spots lol love that show.

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