Twelve Weeks to Christmas Giveaway and DIY Halloween Gift


Twelve Weeks to Christmas Giveaway


I am so happy to be co-hosting another week of this great twelve week giveaway event, run by Reality to Dreams!


Reality To Dreams


These giveaways have been a joy to be part of – I was a co-host for the Disney Infintiy Giveaway early on.

Check out some comments from the winners thus far!

This week’s giveaway is kind of “Throwback fun”, at least for me.

Disney Tees

Hot Topic, for all its wacky and dark outward appearance, is actually a great place for fun Disney stuff!! They especially cater to fun Disney tees for men and women alike. Here’s a small sample:

Disney Tees


Disney Tees

And of course, this one will now fall under Disney tees as well, won’t it? ;)

Disney Tees

Now, of course, the crafty girl in me required at least an ATTEMPT at making my own t-shirt if I was going to participate in a giveaway for them. I mean, come on, I pretty much had to!

 (Remember Nemo?)

Well, in a sense.

My brain refused to come up with anything fun for a tee for myself or the hubs…and with Halloween fast approaching, I decided to forego a Disney/movie theme and just opt for Hallow-fun. A clearance onesie at Toys R Us while shopping last week also decided the recipient of my experiment would be a bit more….pint-sized.

I decided to make a cute Halloween onesie for my besty’s youngest. Largely because when I “conjured” up the design, it was most appropriate for sweet little A.

Of course, my ever faithful Cricut came into play.

Disney Tees

Using a pretty cute little witch design from Theresa Collin’s Chic and Scary, and pretty much any font of your choice (I went with a Disney font – Hannah Montana, actually!), this design is cute and fun!

I flipped the design to cut on my iron-on vinyl.

Disney Tees

My clearance onesie and my first part of the cut out, still on my cutting mat.

Now, I did have a BIT of trial and error with this one.  I finally Googled realized I needed to let the design cool after the iron on process before attempting to pull off the plastic backing.

Disney Tees

Disney Tees

It turned out pretty cute!! Cute enough for its SUPER CUTE recipient, right?

Disney Tees

Ok, well obviously nothing is going to overshadow THIS amount of cute…


Unless, of course, the cutie in question is NOT in the mood….


Disney Tees

I’ve been assured that lil Miss A was NOT protesting her adorable onesie, but in fact was just a miserable little thing all weekend. Not exactly living up to her new outfit, is she?  (But still too cute for words!!)

So, after that attempt, I think I’ll happily take a gift card for a professional shirt instead!!

Good Luck!



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  1. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    I like the Disney The Little Mermaid Racerback Tank Top

  2. The first item in my shopping bag would be the Disney Tinker Bell Stud Girl T-Shirt.

  3. I love the Vader t-shirt!

  4. Beth Wildman says:

    I love hot topic shirts for the kids.We just got a couple of Harry potter tees to hit universal in January.

  5. Beth Wildman says:

    Disney Keep Calm Dream Big Girls T-Shirt

  6. Alvina Castro says:

    I would buy a heisenberg shirt

  7. I think those are so xute. I’m not sure which one I love most. I love hot topic too-Great gift to win!!

  8. what a sweet giveaway. I hope you will share it on my win it page xo

  9. alejandra castro says:

    i would get a Disney shirt! possibly beauty and the beast.

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